The Sawmax Initiative was initiated by a group of international Oil & Gas Operating Companies seeking to reduce cost and improve Safety performance jointly. It has benefitted from contributions by the group of Operators and more members and support are welcome.

This Initiative:

Is focused on reducing NPT and improving Safety performance.
Covers Well Engineering Supervision (Drilling / Completions / Interventions / Production).
Certifies the standard reached by the individual in tests.
Creates a central knowledge bank of quality Supervisors and Engineers to be shared amongst members.
May be extended to key Drilling Contractor personnel in response to member requests.
Provides online training to support performance improvement drives.
Enables the industry to reduce cost whilst improving performance.

Imagine if...

... We could prevent those repetitive mistakes that cost the industry $billions each year?

... We were able to differentiate from the people that can be trusted and those that need to improve?

... Those that need to learn had the necessary tools to improve and we could measure their development?

... We could achieve this step forward using real life situations and simulations of events that have actually happened?

The standard for Well Engineering Supervision (Drilling / Completions / Interventions / Production) has to be set now to ensure we can lower well costs and enhance safety. This bold initiative started in Q4 2013 and will take time to bring to fruition. The return of higher demand is predicted to be not too far away which means we don't have the luxury of time to grasp this opportunity.

Sawmax can set the required standard. It identifies strengths and weaknesses and offers training support to enhance performance.

What if this was all available now and was supported by a group of Operators where we could share the resource of quality graded Supervisors / Foremen / Engineers?

The Solution is Sawmax

Sawmax is an online Simulation / Testing / Certification / Training system which uses real life scenarios and multiple choice questions to evaluate, certify and improve competency.

Sawmax systematically assesses the skills of a mainly independent and mobile workforce. Sawmax retains graded certification data centrally and shares the knowledge and human resources between member companies (with the permission of both the candidate and the company).

Sawmax provides centralised certification of modules passed at differing grades. Given the shortage of resources it is not a pass / fail system but a graded one showing where areas could be improved and offering training for self-improvement.

The Benefits



Provides a constant drive to reduce cost and loss.

Ensure appropriately skilled personnel are on board performing key roles.

Provides proof of competency to statutory bodies and audit functions.

Reduced cost of delivery of testing / training.

Manage independent contractors to reduce cost & protect ourselves.

Implement the Great Crew Change securely.

Gain a certificate that will be recognised by a widening group of Operators.

Notify potential clients of your availability (via the Sawmax system) when between assignments.

Obtain online training to improve your knowledge in key areas covered by the certificate.

Encourage / enable self-improvement.

Why Join Us Now?

During the downturn in the industry the focus is on cutting cost. Most managers agree this is a period during which we should face difficult issues.

What better way to reduce cost than to ensure the people we deploy are ready for the tasks that they will face?

We need to take the opportunity of the lull in our business to gain control of key positions and ensure we set the standards required for the future.

If you're an interested Operator considering joining us or wish to learn more, email